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Silent Dream

Oh Rutger Hauer indeed! 😍 I love this film, it's just so frightening yet so dreamy! I love the setting for this, I'm a big lover of isolated desert scenery, the misty dusty all adds to the suspense and mystery of the movie itself and the icy antagonist John Ryder, played excellently by the legendary Mr Hauer. No one could've played this role better than him. Sean Bean tried and failed...
This is a movie I come back to time and again whenever I want to be scared, entertained, wistful and nostalgic. I was a baby when this was out, but I kinda miss the eighties, before cell phones and modern tech took over...
Excellent casting and Jennifer Jason Leigh plays young Nash extremely well. Thomas Howell is superb as Jim, but this is Hauer 's film, through and through. I cannot keep my eyes off him throughout. He's the ultimate baddie, everything a movie villain should be, Cold, calculating, clever, menacing, strong, and very handsome. Today's actors could learn a thing or two from Mr Hauer when it comes to being a believable movie villain.

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